Pain Relief Scraper

Scrape your ailments away with the Achieve Pain Relief Scraper. This all-natural therapy tool can be used to relieve conditions such as chronic pains, nose and throat congestion, among other illnesses. Scrape your discomforts away with the Achieve Pain Relief Scraper.


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Gua Sha 刮痧 is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years to help people alleviate pain. The therapy involves scraping a person’s skin with a smooth-edged tool to induce petechiae (small, red, rash-like dots that show under the skin)”

How Does this Help Alleviate Pain?
When you feel pain, it’s because either the nerve, muscle, tendon, ligaments or bones are inflamed. By reducing inflammation you will reduce pain. Gua Sha has the ability to temporarily reduce inflammation locally.

You can also view Inflammation as retention of waste and toxins. Gua Sha helps increase blood circulation by pushing more blood to a local area thereby pushing toxins and waste from that local area. When used on sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas, Gua Sha can help stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cellular repair, regeneration, healing and recovery.

It’s Pain Relief at your Fingertips, literally!


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